Shower dispensers replace single use plastic bottles in Hotels to help environment

Myth: Guests Don't Like Dispensers

  • In reviews of hotels with higher-end dispensers, only 5% mention dispensers and 95% of mentions are positive.
  • In a Cornell study in 2011, perceptions of dispensers were positive and leisure and business travelers liked dispensers similarly.
  • Guests like dispensers for varying reasons
    • Ease of use and better ergonomics
    • Not having to ask hotel to replace small bottles
    • Environmental impacts
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Myth: Dispensers are More Work for Housekeepers

  • Dispensers only need to be refilled about once a week
  • Kure dispensers can be filled easily and hygienically right in the shower. 


Myth: Dispensers are Not Hygienic

  • Internal pump assures no contact with bacteria 
  • Tubes easily removed for deep cleaning
  • Lever easily cleaned after each use
  • Tamper-proof lid assures so no foreign substances come into contact with product
Hotel guests perception of hotel shower dispensers is positive

Myth: Dispensers Won't Support My Brand

  • Kure high-end stainless and aluminum dispensers are more elegant than plastic bottles and all other shower dispensers on the market.
  • Kure dispensers can be fully customized to support your brand
  • Cost savings allow hotels to use higher-end product
Hotel shampoo dispensers easier for housekeepers to clean and refill