Shower dispensers replace single use plastic bottles in Hotels to help environment

Helping the Environment

It's no secret that those little plastic bottles end up in landfills and worse, the ocean. But did you know that more than 500,000 amenity bottles end up in North American landfills every day?  Not to mention the plastic that ends up in the oceans and eventually turns into "plastic soup" that is ingested by marine fish and oceanic mammals. Kure can help a 200-room hotel save over 120,000 personal plastic bottles each year by switching to dispensers. This saves 2,000 pounds of plastic every year!


Our Social Commitment

We started Kure to help hotels do the right thing by reducing plastic pollution. But our commitment to making the world a better place goes beyond the environment. We also try to do our part to help create employment opportunities for diverse populations by partnering with cool companies that share our values as well as serve our communities.  

Our Start

Our story is based on our shared belief that sustainability and beautiful design can and should go together.  Working in the hospitality industry, we were shocked by the conspicuous waste created by single-use plastic soap and shampoo bottles.  But hotels were reluctant to jeopardize guest satisfaction and switch to unattractive plastic dispensers.  From there, the idea of Kure was born.  We are now on a mission to make it easy for hotels to delight guests while making smart, environmentally-friendly decisions.

Plastic debris on beach

Our Name

Kure Atoll, an incredibly beautiful island lying more than 1,000 miles northwest of Honolulu, was once home to endangered Hawaiian monk seals, native birds and almost 80,000 acres of coral reef habitat. Unfortunately, that Great Pacific Garbage Patch is in Kure's backyard. Tons of plastic lands on Kure every year, killing wildlife who eat it, choke on it and get entangled in it. We hope to do our part to "kure" some of the damage caused by society's over-reliance on single-use plastic packaging.