1. How are Kure dispensers different?  

  • Your guest will only see and touch metal.

  • Beautiful, simple stand-alone units are easy to configure.

  • Digital printing is more vibrant and can wrap around the entire dispenser.

  • Gravity-based pumps are easier to use and more hygienic than upright pumps.

  • Wide cap that stays attached makes it easy to refill Kure dispensers.

2. How can I customize my Kure                dispensers?


  • Cylinders are available in clear-coated brushed aluminum or can be powder-coated any color from matte white to a pantone color matching your brand standards.

  • Full-color digital print technology lets you utilize the entire cylinder for printing

3. How do guests like dispensers?

  • In reviews of hotels with higher-end dispensers, 95% of mentions are positive.

  • In a Cornell study in 2011, perceptions of dispensers were positive; leisure and business travelers liked dispensers similarly.

  • Guests like dispensers for varying reasons

    • Ease of use and better ergonomics

    • Not having to ask housekeeping to replace small bottles

    • Environmental impacts

4. How do I install?

  • Screws are recommended for the most secure installation but 3M VHB tape along with adhesive caulk secures dispensers in place.

5. Can I order Kure dispensers for any number of            products?

  • Kure dispensers work with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion and hand soap and they come as stand-alone units so you can order what makes most sense for your property.

6. Do you sell the product that goes inside?